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Black and Yellow Strikeout DJ Aurora Log

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DISTRICT 120 is a community of entrepreneurs that understand the power of intentional, supportive, and genuine relationships. 

As business owners we are charged to be creative, innovative, forward thinking and to be the answer to the needs of others daily. 


The foundation of DISTRICT 120:


The Morning Success Formula

Self Care (60 Minutes) + Business Development (60 Minutes) =



The first 60 minutes of the morning are set aside for: 

Self Care... 

Journaling, Exercise, Gardening, Reading, Praying, Meditation etc. - what ever feeds your soul that day!

The second 60 minutes of the morning are set aside for: 

Business Development...

This is the "Think Tank", the hour of "POWER", the hour of  "Movement" for your business.

This is when you do that thing you have been putting off, because you don't have "time" ...where you think, write down, plan and start to implement new ideas to take the business to the next level.  


FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM are the platforms that we use to build meaningful relationships, support one another, share successes and challenges.


This is a safe, no judgement, authentic space where individuals come together and organically grow together! 

Welcome to the district.... 


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